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Yusho Hyde Park

  • 1301 E 53rd St Chicago IL 60615

When critically acclaimed chef Matthias Merges closed Yusho Hyde Park earlier this month, after a three-year run, his Folkart Restaurant Management company released a simple explanatory statement, which said the decision, in part, was made “to concentrate our efforts on the Michelin award-winning A10 and our new upcoming projects.”

In an exclusive interview, Merges revealed sobering details on the Hyde Park closure (it was one of three Yusho restaurants), and “the state of the state of the restaurant business” as he described it, while sharing his strategy for a sustainable future.

“We as a company are scaling up, looking at larger projects, anticipating what’s happening in the restaurant world today, especially Chicago,” said Merges. “With the lack of finding really solid talent, minimum wage going up, the unknown situation with insurance, we’re really looking at our business.”

-Chicago Tribune (link)
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